613 Daily Zechusim Sign-up Sheet

My daughter, Adidi organized an Amen gathering for her friends in our
backyard over Shabbos in the Zchus of a Refuah Sheleima for Benny.
We are headed to the Kotel for Yom Yerushalayim in a little while. We
will daven for Benny and give Tzedaka in his behalf as well.

Thanks for your updates of chizuk on your web site.  You create a
kiddush Hashem every step of the way.


17 thoughts on “613 Daily Zechusim Sign-up Sheet

  1. Rosh Chodesh IYAR & SIVAN Tehillim Gathering at the Coffee Bean in LA dedicated in the zechus for Binyomin Chaim’s Refuah. Approximately, 50 women attended.

  2. we are all taking on stuff such s bieng careful about speech and saying asher yatzer from a siddur, refuh shelamah !!

  3. I am in the same grade as one of the Brecher girls and was in her class for a few years. I was just told about her brother and this website and now I will be checking in as often as I can. I daven for binyamin chaim b-n faiga sarah every day. May he have a refuah shelaima very quickly.

  4. I am now trying in the zuchus of bennys rifua to be precise in by asher yatzer.
    rifua shalima. you’re always on my mind.

  5. At the Shabbos table we started to learn Hilchos Lashon Hara in the zechus of Benny.
    Also Ephraim finished the whole Sefer Tehillim.
    May we share only Simchos.

  6. We are davening for Benny’s complete refua shleima. IYHa-shem ,we will be leaving for Eretz Yisrael soon and bli neder will daven for him at the mkomos hakdoshim. May Ha-shem b’chasdo send him a complete complete refuah b’karov

    • Amen. We appreciate you very much taking Benny along with you in your hearts and prayers to Eretz Yisroel. Have a safe and wonderful trip! Please send pictures.

  7. Hi, We started learning Apples of Gold, a Shmiras Haloshen sefer at the table during the Shabbos day Seudah. Shira is usually the one who reminds us. May it be a zchus for our little cousing Benny.
    The Abramoff’s

  8. can I join a tehillim group for benny? is there a group saying the book of tehillim for him weekly? None the less i have and will pray for his complete refuah shelayma. happy to hear the wonderful news about the clear tests. a joseph

    • Hi Alissa,
      Thank you for davening for Benny. There is a link on the website to sign up for Tehillim. If you have any trouble please feel free to ask for help. All the best to you and your family. Faigie

  9. I am committing to saying all of the Tehillim for the entire Yom Shlishi today, together with my son Aaron Tzvi (however much he can say along with me) and we will give tzedakah for the relief efforts in the Seagate Community for those who have lost their homes after hurricane Sandy, all in the merit for a refuah of Benyamin Chaim ben Feiga Sarah. Thank you for keeping us posted and the wonderful pictures!

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