Tomer Devorah

You’ll find links to the Tomer Devorah shiurim given daily by Rabbi Aharon Cohen, Rav of Kol Yeshurun of Passaic/Clifton. Each shiur is approximately 10 minutes.

Thank you Rabbi Cohen and many thanks to Bob and Aviva for arranging it.

B’zchus Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah for a refuah shelaima min hashamayim.

Audio Recordings: 

Tomer Devorah – 1
Tomer Devorah – 2
Tomer Devorah – 3
Tomer Devorah – 4
Tomer Devorah – 5
Tomer Devorah – 6
Tomer Devorah – 7
Tomer Devorah – 8
Tomer Devorah – 9
Tomer Devorah – 10
Tomer Devorah – 11
Tomer Devorah – 12
Tomer Devorah – 13
Tomer Devorah – 14
Tomer Devorah – 15
Tomer Devorah – 16
Tomer Devorah – 17
Tomer Devorah – 18
Tomer Devorah – 19
Tomer Devorah – 20

5 thoughts on “Tomer Devorah

  1. hi my name is AVI DEVOR I will iyh be one of the riders biking for camp simcha from jersey to the catskills in august.
    My daughter has the zechus of being bunk mates with your daughter this summer.
    I will dedicate my fund raising efforts for the event in your sons zechus! We run and ride for those who cant and must appreciate the good health and love of family that hashem gives to us all!!

    check out Bike for Chai to find out more details about the 150 mile ride up to camp simcha!!!!

    • Amazing! Benny loves to bike as well. IYH he will have the chance to do the same one day soon. Good luck on the trip! We will be cheering for you!

  2. may your son have a complete and immediate refuah shelaimah. we’re davening for him daily. please know that his refuah is very important to us.

    may all the mitzvos and learning done on his behalf help in his refuah shelaimah. love yitz

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